Kumquat Grove

Our kumquat grove has the most interesting trees in the yard at the moment.  About 7 years ago I bought kumquats at the grocery store.  After I used what I wanted, I threw the rest in the backyard for the squirrels and rabbits to eat.  Apparently one kumquat seed survived and made the first tree.  At the time I couldn’t get anything else to grow so I left it alone to see what would happen.   Over the years some of the fruit that wasn’t eaten by me or the animals has fallen and created more trees around it.  I now call it the kumquat grove. The trees make a good crop of kumquats every year, enough for me and the wildlife to enjoy.

I don’t think the kumquat grove knows that it is winter.  It started blooming already.  It is always the first thing to bloom in the yard.  We still have a few more weeks of cold weather but the trees will survive and give us the sour fruit that it is known for.

IMG_20140130_165035_685 IMG_20140130_165045_906


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